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A Little Spring Fling Writing Challenge

I often feel stuck when I’m writing. When I first started pursuing writing as a possible career, sometimes I would walk away when I got stuck. But more often than not, I would get lured by the lovely promise of writing something new. So of course I wound up with lots of beginnings of stories, but very few middles or endings. I’ve since learned to ignore the siren songs of new stories in favor of powering through the current story and, as a result, I now have a few manuscripts under my belt. In fact, this month I am participating in Candace Havens’s Fast Draft and am powering through another story.

But as I’m sitting here on my back deck working, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and after the awful winter we’ve just had, I feel like celebrating spring with just a little bit of something new. And I’m inviting you to join me. I’ve picked four words at random and am going to write something using those four words. My time limit is fifteen minutes. I’ll share what I come up with in the comments section below and hope you will do the same. The words I picked are: ostrich, carnage, melancholy, August. Don’t worry if you don’t use all of them, or even any of them. They’re just to get you started. And if you can’t spare fifteen minutes, try ten or five. No hard and fast rules here. Just go for it and have fun. I’m off to do mine now. See you on the other side. 🙂


Counting the Minutes

So the Golden Heart and RITA Finalists are being announced tomorrow. Several writer buddies of mine have entered, and I know they are all on pins and needles as they count down the minutes, waiting to hear the results. I can certainly relate. I entered last year and spent the whole weekend before the announcement wandering nervously around my house until my husband dragged me out to a movie to try and take my mind off it.

I didn’t have a manuscript worthy of entry this year, so I’m concentrating my energy on rooting for all my buddies who entered, all of whom I have such enormous respect for. They wrote, they re-wrote, and re-wrote again, pouring their heart and soul into their stories. They polished their baby until their eyes were crossed, and then reached deep inside for the guts to send it out there for others to judge. Believe me, that takes an enormous amount of courage.

So my hat is off to those of you who entered. You inspire me with your bravery and perseverance, and I am proud to know you. Regardless of the official results, you are winners already.

Good luck to all of you.