Give Her An Inch….

…and I’ll run a mile.

Let’s back up a little. The “her” in question in the title is the young, perky, but totally fabulous salesgirl, Courtney, at the New Balance running shoe store. I stopped by there yesterday after my Weight Watcher (WW) meeting because I was in desperate need of new sneakers. My old ones were so old they were just about ready to disintegrate off my feet.

Now, I was planning on getting a pair of “walking” shoes because I more or less figured my running days were behind me. I just never do it consistently enough, always talking myself out of it with astonishing ease. But Courtney steered me toward the running shoes, declaring I could wear them for walking as well. I wondered if a hot and heavy sales pitch was coming at me, but seeing as how the above mentioned disintegraters were my old, retired running shoes, I had to concede she had a point.

After completely evaluating my feet and stride, Courtney declared me a neutral pronator and brought me two different shoes to try on.  She carefully checked the fit of each and watched me walk and jog in them to make sure they were working for me. I, in the meantime, was just enjoying the sheer Nirvana of having actual cushioning in my shoes again.

But something else was happening to me, too. My buddy, Carla Kempert (aka “God”), has been posting regularly on her blog about her running goals and accomplishments and I was thinking of her as I was heading into the store. And as I was jogging around the showroom in these lighter than air shoes, I was thinking “Why not run again? Carla and I can cyber-cheer each other on.”

So I bought a pair of running shoes and got into my car ready to take on the running world. But as I drove home, I got to thinking about how I always do things like this – make lofty goals and then not follow through.  But as luck would have it, the topic of the WW meeting had been all about breaking big goals down into smaller, much more manageable goals. So I promised myself that today I would run for a minimum of five minutes. Anything more than that would be gravy and I was not allowed to beat myself up if that’s all I did.

Sure enough, first thing this morning, the devil on my shoulder was whispering all sorts of excuses in my ear not to run. Surprisingly, though, the angel on my other shoulder showed up fairly quickly, marched across the back of my neck and drop-kicked the devil into oblivion. Running shoes donned, I headed out the door.

And boy, was I glad I did! I won’t say it was easy as pie, but I have lost 36 pounds since the last time I went running, and what a difference that makes. I wound up running one mile round trip in ten minutes, six seconds. More importantly, I wanted to keep going. I made myself stop, though, because I wanted to end on a high note rather than push too much and wind up sore.

I can’t remember the last time I ran a solid mile without stopping to walk. I feel so good and so proud of myself that I am daring to set one of those lofty goals now. By Autumn, I want to complete a 5K without walking. There’s a fun one held in the neighboring town around Halloween, so that’s the one I’m shooting for. A secondary goal would be to do it in under 30 minutes. If I take small steps along the way, I’m confident I can do it.

So, Courtney may have taken more than an inch when she nudged me into running shoes…but I’m the one who took the mile. 🙂


10 responses to “Give Her An Inch….

  1. ATTAGIRL!!! I’m so proud of you for doing it!! That wasn’t an angel on your shoulder, that was ME! 🙂 Well, no; you did the work, but YOU DID IT!! And HUGE congrats on the weight loss!!

  2. I thought that angel looked familiar! And it really was you in a way. Your posts about your goals and the races you have done have been simmering in the back of my mind for a while now. Thanks for the support and motivation! 🙂

  3. Yea MAURA! So inspired by your post. And taking off 36 lbs. Awesomeness. Really enjoyed your post. I could feel the new cushion under your feet. I hate to ask this, but which runner in the picture are you? Shirt number, please. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jaye! Alas, I am not in the picture. BUT, I am in that race. I was looking on the Internet for a generic picture of runners I could use and that one happened to pop up. I thought the buildings looked familiar and when I looked at it closely I realized I was right and it was from a race that I did with my sister every year (except she doesn’t want to do it anymore – so sad). Anyway, I went to the on-line photo album that pic came from to see if I could find one with me or her in it, but there wasn’t one. But I thought it would still be fun to use that pic anyway. And maybe I’ll do that race again next year.

  5. Dijana Harker

    What an inspirational story!!! And 36 pounds! Wow!!! I’m sure that kind of tenacity is great for your writing as well. Little steps working up to daily goals to acheive the big one. Good luck with the 5K, I know you can do it!

  6. Great story. And the baby step method of goal setting works. As you can see… so did you run today? Keep us informed of your progress. We can cheer!

    And you reminded me I need new tennis shoes.

  7. Thanks, Dijana! I am finding a sort of ‘trickle down’ success happening since I started taking the weight off. It really has cemented for me that I can do anything I really set my mind to, and that has been motivating me so much to achieve my other goals.

  8. Thanks, Lynn, in more ways than one. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that ran way late because they were backed up, and I almost blew off running today because it was too hot by the time I got back. Then I saw your comment and dragged my lazy butt down to the treadmill. Got a mile of running in plus another ten minutes of walking.

    Don’t forget to get those shoes! 🙂

  9. Awesome, Maura! You can do it!!

  10. Thanks, Gwen! 🙂

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